Here’s a fun quilt Janet made of the Dr Seuss Lorax material.  More of an aqua blue color with the grunge material from Moda in blue and brown and the fun circular material in matching colors gives this quilt a unique look.  Flannel backing with brown ties in the middle of each square.  Also machine stitched around squares.  I’m going to make a diaper bag out of this material as well.  Email Janet or myself for a deal if quilt and diaper bag bought together.DSC03461


Bright and Colorful


I’m going for bright and colorful bags now that fall is making an appearance.  I love this floral material and picking out the accent colors is so fun.  The bolder the better.  These bags will be perfect for the fun trip you have planned to a sunny location this winter.  I have these three done, and have more material of the pink.  If you have a specific size in mind, let me know, I can make any size in any colors.

Expiration Date

Food has a date stamped on it that lets you know when freshness has come and gone.  Subscriptions are only good for a limited time.  Does the same apply to handmade gifts of distinction?  My very good friend got married in April of 2012.  I always had a quilt in mind for her special day, I even had the colors planned, but putting it together was my looming time line.

Finding time was what threw me off.  When her wedding came and went and I hadn’t even gotten a start on it, I thought no big deal, I’m normally late anyway, might as well keep up my tradition.  I gave myself a goal of six months to get it done.  When six months came and went I thought to myself seriously, where did it go?  I hadn’t even gotten the material out of the bag.  The weather went from nice to getting colder, perfect time to be dedicated to sitting in front of the sewing machine.  Set a goal for a year, I told myself.  One year isn’t so bad, is it?  I was coming up on eleven months (material still not out of the bag) and March was making way to April to nice weather, to sunshine, to longer days. . . . I couldn’t be stuck inside working on a quilt.  So I found the bag of material and emptied it out.  I cleared the workspace (because queen quilts take up quite a bit of room to put together) and I started working on it.  Of course, once I got started on it, it came together fast.  As it came together and the colors meshed, I knew, it was the perfect gift for my friend.

Part one finished.  I was closer to the completion line and now onto the quilting.  Janet had that fun job, and she did a fabulous job with it.  The popcorn stitch, as she called it, was the finishing touch.  She got that done fairly quickly and then it was back to me to finish off the binding.  Hmmm. . . .by that time summer was here and I was busy farming.  Needless to say, it took me another couple of months to finish it, but it was definitely worth it in the end.  The quilt turned out great.  It was finished and then another couple of months before I saw her.  So one year nine months after the wedding date, my friend finally got her wedding gift.  She would tell you there’s no expiration date for that gift, and I would have to agree with her on that one.  🙂


Craft Fair December 7

We’ll be at the Spring Grove Craft Fair December 7 at the Fest Building.  We had a great time at the Mayo Craft Fair.  Thanks to all who stopped by to say ‘Hi’!  I’ve been busy making more Dr. Seuss Diaper Bags, in addition to other fun kid themed material.  We’ll have a lot of bags to choose from, in addition to baby quilts and knitted scarves.

The temperatures have plummeted, but the snow is supposed to hold off until Saturday night.  Hopefully that holds true!  Happy Winter.  🙂

Dinosaur Diaper Bag Dr. Seuss Diaper Bags Monkey Diaper Bag